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How to Temporarily Disable McAfee

McAfee AntiVirus products protect your system against viruses and ransomware attacks. However, they may interfere with the installation process of programs such as Linksys EA Series and Microsoft programs among others. So to perform the installation uninterruptedly, you must disable the McAfee Antivirus services. If you are wondering how to temporarily disable McAfee, this guide is for you. 

Stick your eyes to this guide and learn the methods to temporarily disable McAfee on Windows and Mac.

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Firstly, let us take you through the questions we will be answering in this guide. 

1. How to temporarily disable McAfee Real-time Scanning? 

2. How to disable McAfee Total Protection temporarily? 

3. How do I temporarily disable McAfee Firewall? 

4. How to temporarily disable McAfee antivirus On Mac? 

To go through the step-by-step answer to the aforementioned questions, read below. 

How to Temporarily Disable McAfee Real-time Scanning?

Follow the instructions mentioned below and temporarily disable McAfee Real-time Scanning program if it is interfering with other things on your device. 

  • Start your sys operating system and navigate towards the lower-right corner of the screen to find the ‘McAfee’ icon. 
  • Right-click on the ‘McAfee’ icon and expand the options. 
  • Select the option of ‘Change settings’ and you will be shown more options. 
  • Click on the ‘Real-time Scanning’ from the menu list. 
  • The McAfee Real-Time Scanning status window will open on your screen, hit on the ‘Turn Off’ button.
  • Another window will pop up on your screen, under the ‘When do you want to resume Real-Time Scanning?’ option. Drag down the tab and choose the timings such as in 15 minutes/ in 30 minutes. 
  • Locate the ‘Turn Off’ option in the right and click on it. 
  • Now after you disable McAfee program, close the window. 
  • Move towards the ‘Start’ option and click on the ‘Restart’ button from the Power options. 

Leave the operating system to restart and you will see the McAfee Real-time Scanning program has now been successfully disabled. 

How to Disable McAfee Total Protection Temporarily?

Wondering how to disable McAfee Total Protection temporarily? Here are the quick steps to follow and disable all the McAfee antivirus features temporarily. 

  • Start your Windows system and click on the ‘Search’ logo.

If you can’t find the ‘Search’ logo on the Taskbar then, click on the ‘Windows’ and ‘S’ keys together. 

  • Type down the ‘McAfee Total Protection’ program and select the program from the best results lists. 
  • On the McAfee Total Protection window, navigate towards the ‘Total Protection’ scanning from the left corner of the window. 
  • Besides the ‘Home’ tab, click on the ‘PC Security’ and its options will show on the left side. 
  • Next to the ‘Real-Time Scanning’, click on the ‘Off’ button.  
  • Set the timings when you want the McAfee total protection to get enabled from disabling automatically. 
  • If you don’t know for how long you want to disable McAfee Total Protection, click on the ‘Never’ option. 
  • Similarly, go to the ‘Firewall’ tab and click on the ‘Turn Off’ button next to its entry. 
  • In case your McAfee Firewall page is showing a blank page, then it is already off. You may follow the next step. 
  • Go back to the options and click on the ‘Automatic updates’ and click on the ‘Turn Off’. 
  • Close the Firewall window after selecting the time for ‘When do you want to resume’ Automatic updates’.
  • Go back to the options and click on the ‘Scheduled scans’ option. 
  • Click on the tab next to its entry and select the ‘Turn Off’. 
  • After setting the time of ‘When you want to resume Scheduled Scans?’

After following the 15 steps, all the McAfee services will be temporarily disabled. 

How Do I Temporarily Disable McAfee Firewall?

The firewall protects your system against intruders but, at times, it becomes problematic as well. If you are also wondering how to disable McAfee antivirus in Windows 8.1, here are the steps for you:

  • Start your Windows 8.1 system and navigate towards the right corner of the Taskbar. 
  • Find the icon of McAfee Firewall software and right-click on it.  
  • From the shown options, click on the ‘Change settings’. 
  • Select the ‘Firewall’ from further options. 
  • The ‘Firewall: On’ will open, beside the ‘Restore Defaults’, click on the ‘Turn Off’. 
  • ‘Turn Off the Firewall?’ window will open, here select the timings for ‘When do you want to resume Firewall?’. 

Note: For example, if you select the ‘In 15 Days’ option, the McAfee Firewall program will start scanning your device automatically after the 15 days.  

  • Click on the ‘Turn Off’ and request your Windows 8.1 to restart. 

By the end of the seven steps, you will surely learn the answer to your ‘how do i disable McAfee temporarily’ question. 

How to Temporarily Disable McAfee Antivirus On Mac?

If you are a Mac user and the McAfee antivirus software is interfering with other functions on the system, you must disable the program temporarily. Follow the steps mentioned below to learn how to temporarily disable McAfee:

  • Start the MacBook system and from your Mac’s menu bar, click on the ‘McAfee’ icon. 
  • You can also click on the ‘Search’ bar from the right side of the Taskbar and write ‘M’. 
  • Choose ‘McAfee Internet Security’ from the best results. 
  • From the expanded options, click on the ‘Total Protection Console’.
  • Navigate towards the ‘Home’ tab and click on the ‘Gear’ icon. 
  • Select the ‘Real-Time Scanning’ and open its window. 
  • Disable the Real-Time Scanning feature by Turning Off the toggle
  • You might get asked to enter your ‘Administrator password’, enter it and click on the ‘OK’ button.
  • Close the window once you disable the feature. 
  • Click on the ‘Firewall’ and open the window. Navigate towards the toggle next to its entry and disable it like you disable the ‘Real-time Scanning’ feature. 
  • Close the window and disable the ‘Scheduled scans’ in the same way. 
  • Click on the ‘Never’ under the ‘When do you want to resume the McAfee antivirus services’ option. 
  • Turn off the Site Advisor toggle and disable it as well. Also, click on the ‘Lock icon’ and enter the admin password. 

After completing the steps to temporarily disable McAfee features, close the Mac settings window.

We are hopeful that by the end of the article you must have learned how to temporarily disable McAfee. In case you are seeking any further help regarding McAfee Login, get in touch with our tech experts.

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